What is Kemfe?

Kemfe is a blockchain-based system that provides value for any social interaction done on the platform. Any user who has an account with Kemfe and creates content, can receive Kemfe Credits as a reward for the user’s content engagement.

What is Kemfe Credits (KFC)?

Kemfe Credits is a blockchain based social network utility token built upon the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. Kemfe Credits is used to deliver services on kemfe networks like advertisements and rewards. Incentives and rewards encourage users to share their content and be active on the network. Kemfe Credits can also be used to subscribe to exclusive programs and boost users earning power, tip other users for their quality content, or purchase advertising views from the network or a specific ads space

Kemfe credit rewards system

The following activities attract rewards from the system

  1. Publishing
  2. Curating
  3. Check-Ins
  4. Moderating
  5. Referring
  6. Vesting Your KFC.
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